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Benefits for Business

Movilizer Business Benefits
  • Deliver more customer value with a powerful cloud solution that interconnects all workflows
  • Run an agile business with a smart orchestration of all related processes
  • Drive faster service and more efficiency with a controlled 360°-view for all stakeholders

Connect isolated IT systems

Over the years, many IT systems have developed next to each other, dedicated to a specific process or area. Inevitably, their stored information is not connected and often duplicated.

To create more value for customers you need to overcome these isolated systems:

  • Use all information available to give participants a 360°-evaluation of the situation
  • Introduce an easy process to organize data that needs to be stored in several systems
  • Standardize data centres for more leverage and cost efficiency

Orchestrate Field Operations

As soon as isolated IT systems are joined and opened up to your field agents, a true orchestration of field operations can be achieved and mobile strategies will be implemented in the field.

Receive increased benefits if you interconnect stakeholders, such as:

  • Maintenance technicians
  • 3rd party service engineers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Supply chain stakeholders
  • Customers

Cross-functional Collaboration

Typically, participants of certain processes don't have insight on what is happening in other processes, nevertheless often touch the same customers and stakeholders.

Introduce a possibility that enables them to feed each other with relevant information and speed up response times. As a result, you unlock operational benefits that go straight to an improved bottom line:

  • Faster time to order
  • Faster time to resolution
  • Faster time to customer satisfaction

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