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Key Capabilities & Features

Fit for Field Operations


Mobile technology is creating exciting opportunities for enterprises and is becoming key to future business success. The Movilizer Cloud for Field Operations has integrated all key capabilities to implement your mobile strategies in the field and drive enterprise profitability. 

  • Massive scalability
  • High availability
  • High performance
Key Capabilities and Features

Deploy and Run Anywhere

Our multi-channel technology separates your mobile business processes from the mobile technology, so your mobile apps will work - without change - on today's, tomorrow's and future channels.

Online & Offline Availability

In many field operations you have no access to the internet or security precautions do not allow a connection. When you want to mobilize your business process this limitation has to be taken into consideration.

Effective User Experience

It’s important to include UX in your mobile solution. UX in a process-oriented software product removes friction, increases user satisfaction, excels user adoption and decreases support requests.

Mash-Up of Source Systems

Movilizer has the possibility to mash up relevant source systems into one app. The complexity of managing multiple back-end systems is hidden from the user. Running the app will be faster and it gives the user an easy-to-use app.

HTML5 integration & Smart Scripting

Movilizer addresses challenges of HTML5 development for improved HTML5 experience and developed MEL, a fast and smart scripting language to create more dynamic and interactive mobile apps