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Paris, France

With other 152,900 employees worldwide (a large part of them are field service engineers), a revenue of EUR 74.7 billion in 2014, Engie, formerly GDF Suez, is the clear Number One in Europe for energy efficiency services. Engie is developing a complete range of energy solutions via its brands

  • Engie Cofely (Energy and environmental efficiency),
  • Engie Axima (Climate engineering refrigeration and fire protection),
  • Endel Engie (leader in industrial maintenance),
  • Engie Ineo (expert in electrical engineering and integrated systems), and
  • Engie Réseaux (District heating and cooling systems).

Engie is working with Movilizer since 2012 and has rolled out Movilizer to thousands of service technicians in many different countries (France, Italy, UK, Spain, Belgium etc.) and connected to many different mission-critical backend systems (SAP, Oracle, Maximo, Sharepoint etc.).

"Before we introduced the Movilizer, we were used to timelines of months or even years. Now with Movilizer being used in 7 different projects within our group, we are getting used to speaking in weeks or even in days." Claude Pierre, CIO at Engie - Energy Services. Paris (France)

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