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Mobile Tsunami

The Mobile Tsunami

Classic business models lose effectiveness in the mobility movement

Internal IT departments are challenged more than ever: at the same time they see the complexity of the mobile landscape increasing, they are under pressure to reduce the time to market of:

  • new applications
  • features
  • functionalities

The common perception that apps are inexpensive and simple forces them to deliver at the lowest possible costs quickly whilst facing increasing investments in tools, skills and capabilities to cater all the different flavors in the mobility market.

Mobility is creating pressure and at the same time delivering a potential for increased competitiveness. An optimized strategic approach to mobile is key to protect and enhance a company's market position. It leverages solutions that deliver operational benefits and support interconnected stakeholders.

The Mobile Tsunami is here - Is your Company Prepared? Get in Touch for a Free Assessment.

Mobility Business opportunities

Mobile Business Opportunities

Mobility is opening up a world of possibilities for businesses:

  • create new business models
  • invent new services
  • increase customer loyalty
  • monetize the service moment
  • create an interconnected world between manufacturer, reseller, service partner and customer

Mobile Requirements

To unlock these possibilities enterprises have to fulfill certain requirements:

  • Easy distribution of the right data to the right people
  • Integration with the relevant back-end systems
  • Data and processes are driven through any channel

Our powerful cloud solutions enable you to implement the requirements and unlock the right possibilities for your business.
Movilizer interconnects your systems, machines, employees and other stakeholder. They will be more involved in your processes, boost productivity and lead to more revenue streams.

Movilizer Is The Best Mobility Solution


Mobile interconnection between stakeholders facilitates new business models and impact profitability

New Revenue Streams

New revenue streams can be easily unlocked as new stakeholders are more integrated in your processes

Cloud for your Field

With Movilizer’s Cloud for Field Operations, customer satisfaction and revenues increase whilst order to cash is shortened

3 applicable Mobility Use Cases

Incoming revenues are speed up, shorten order to cash timelines and increase sales

Field Service Vending

A delivery driver creates a notification of a broken vending machine

A service group of accredited technicians (internal and/or external) in the area automatically gets the details and one can commit to fixing the issue

All communication with the back-end related to time, material and SLA's are done in parallel and orchestrated via the Movilizer Cloud

Sales and Marketing

A POS-employee reports any inconsistency from his device (out-of-stock, broken storage/sales display, wrong conditioning,...)

Related parties (service technicians, merchandisers, sales,...) are notified automatically, depending on the notification

Faster resolution speeds up normalized sales and loss gets minimized

Service & Logistics

Enable internal and external resources in the logistics & service departments to take note of further customer requirements, immediately feeding them into the sales process

Sales representatives or call center agents can then act upon the incoming information and reach out to the customer to take the order

Internet of Things

IoT holds much potential with the right integration in your operations

Critical Success Factors

Critical success factors to leverage a cloud technology

Our Powerful Solutions

Connect your work force with your system and with each other

References & Case studies

We helped these companies already with a successful mobile approach