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Honeywell Forge - Assets. Processes. People.

At Honeywell we believe that when these elements are connected and brought together, great things can happen.


That’s why we are proud to introduce our new connected software offer, Honeywell Forge.

Honeywell Forge is designed to make your business run better every day. It is modular and constantly evolving to meet your changing needs. Most importantly it is designed on decades of deep industrial experience and expertise.


Movilizer is part of the Honeywell Forge suite of software offerings. As a leading developer of mobile software technology, Movilizer combines the strength of its diverse product portfolio with the brand promise of Honeywell Forge to deliver world-class solutions.


In detail, the cloud platform connects any back-end system on one hand with every employee, machine or external stakeholder on the other. It offers mobile app solutions for mission-critical processes in the areas of Warehouse and Materials, Service & Maintenance, Sales & Distribution, Track & Trace and Industrial IoT. The holistic approach enables process optimization, cloud collaboration and a powerful leap towards your digital transformation. 


Honeywell Forge - shape the future of your business.

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